Thursday, August 30, 2012

Brights for positive vibes

Well, I'm gonna keep this post short and simple. Look who's addicted to blogging once again! Oh, I remember high school and friendster was still the "bomb". I used to blog there about my experiences.

This picture was taken after our class last Thursday. I had the guts to take pictures because my eye luggage was less "visible" as compared to my other sleep-deprived days and besides, I really don't know much about make-up. I just like lippies. I don't know about liners, shadows, foundation and the rest. Forgive me, I think I'll get there someday. When there's time. If there is. :|
Waiting in vain. HAHA! This picture was taken while we were waiting for the elevator.
Printed. Here's a closer look on the print on my top. I'm not sure if it's considered as an aztec print. And yes, I button my shirts to the top. HAHA strange. Red nails by Blink and Blush
Oh forgive my face. I'm new to this HAHA excuses. But I was sorta shy when Pete was taking pictures of me. I'll probably get used to my oh-so-supportive photographer. ( No sarcasm there! <3)
What's on me?
Top: Local store in Macao(I forgot the name but it's in Sun Star City) | Skirt: Local store in Macao too ( and yes I forgot too YIKES! purchased it a year ago) | Kicks: Keds | Bag: Longchamp | Watch: Apple-iPod Nano | Bracelet(gray): Bazaar in school | Ring: Love and Sale

Gee, I seriously couldn't remember the names of the local stores. Next time, I'll take note of them. Keds, my favorite pair! My "go-to" pair. It fits almost anything I wear. So, when I'm running late or I just don't want to think much on which pair of shoes to wear, I go to my love, Keds.

Patricia Erica.

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