Thursday, August 30, 2012

College diaries

Oh blogger, I missed this layout. A layout for a new post. I wasn't able to blog for a few weeks due to academic related stuff. Had to focus, especially for next week, it's our finals! Gee and after that the shortest term break in my whole college life but it's all good, I'll be flying back home. I'm just so excited to see my sibs, parents, relatives and friends again!

Well, this post is about the random stuff I took pictures of for the past few weeks. Besides, the paperwork, the readings and our thesis, here are pictures of the things I ate,drank, used, got, saw and bought for the past few weeks.
Paper, scissors, rock ring. I purchased this from an online store, Love and Sale, a few months ago and got to wear it just last week.
Superdawg. From Zark's burger. I ate this when I felt like we were gonna have an all-nighter for our thesis. Oh I just love the sarsa on top that was just right with the mushrooms and onions. Well this meal kept me fueled for 6 hours! Awesome!
Canada Dry. My favorite soda. I try my best not to drink soda but when I do, I choose Canada dry or Welch's grape soda, worth it! Don't get me wrong, I drink the Sprite and Coke too.
E.L.F. Goodies! I lost my make-up kit after the party last August 18 so I purchased these. A concealer for my eye luggage and I just had to try this lip stain! It's actually good! The stain would turn matte then you can add gloss if you want it shiny. Lasts long and would still be on after eating. I got mine in coral peach.
Goodies from Canada! Check out what my cousin from Canada sent me and my cousin Pia! Mascara from Maybelline and glosses from H&M!
Accessory Organizer. From an online shop on Instagram: @kikay_closet. I was so excited when this arrived at my doorstep! I don't really accessorize much. I try to keep things simple. I love everything shiny and colorful which is pretty contradicting from I said, "simple". Yikes
Neon pink necklace from Qwin Accessories. Purchased this a month ago but I only got to wear it now.
Poy Sian Inhaler. One of my essentials for times like these! Due to lack of sleep and I'm guessing too much coffee, I often get migraines. This inhaler from my mum is like the white flower oil that people use. It has a strong minty smell that just allows my nose to get some cold (seriously cold) fresh air and somehow help me think despite the headache.
Cheesy Dynamite. My favorite snack! Available in Animo Canteen for only 35 pesos! It's not as spicy as it looks. They sort of took out the seeds inside to make it less spicy and placed cheese. Oh cheese!

The Boy-f. Meet Pete! HAHA Long story, but to keep it short and simple and to tell you the best part which sometimes feels weird for me when I remember how it all started. He's my best friend turned boyfriend and my photographer! <3
SOON. To all shoe-a-holics out there. I will post about these babies and more next time! :) 

 I'm sorry for the poor quality of some of the pictures. They were from my old phone. I recently got a new phone with a better camera. YAAAY! Thanks mum and pops! :) 

Patricia Erica.

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