Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Discover the House of Silvanas

Another new place discovered! I wonder if I'm the last one to know. But I would still blog and share about how I saw their place in Castro. Yes the Castro place beside Hollys. And Yes the area near the siomai place inside.

I was buying lunch in Castro, I was on my way to the siomai place then this new place caught my eye. I knew when I first saw it that it was new because the last time I was in Castro, that spot was a burger place. While waiting for my order, my sweet tooth dragged me back and I told my boyfriend, Pete to wait for my order while I check out the new place.

Cupcakes! Oh geez, I just wanted to buy one of each! Red velvet, chocolate, cappuccino, carrot cake and blueberry cheesecake!

I tried their red velvet cupcake. Oh heaven! The icing was like ice-cream! I just wanted to go back for more but that would just ruin my morning jogs. Haha 

Besides cupcakes, they have sugar toasted peanuts.

More sweets! They also have Silvanas, Pastillas and Polvoron too.

Their place is well lit in a sense it would catch your attention as compared to the others around it. I really like the roses on the wall. It looks so elegant, so classy.

I will be back for sure, after a few jogs :)) I shall try the blueberry cheesecake next! :)

Patricia Erica


  1. Blueberry cheesecake is also heaven! as well as the Carrot cake cupcakes :)

    1. Ohh. I shall try those next time. Thanks! :)