Saturday, August 11, 2012

Rediscovering Macao (photo diary)

Fanta Lime & Aquarius.  I think Aquarius is an energy drink, it's like pocari sweat.

Sands Casino. This is the back of the building. It's just behind our flat. I'll take a picture of the front next time and its awesome fountain. To go "casino hopping", you can ride the shuttle buses outside Sands to the Venetian, Holiday Inn and Galaxy.
 Talking about fountains, you might wanna check the "dancing fountain" in front of Wynn ( but I'm not sure if that's what it's called) . It dances to the sound of music and also fire would dance along. I'm not sure which time of the day the show starts though. It's for free and it's really cool when you're riding on the bus and happen to pass by Wynn at the right time, you'll suddenly see dancing water and fire.

Peppered Beef Noodles. It has the right amount of pepper that wouldn't hurt your nose while eating. By "hurt", I mean sneeze or any other reaction people have towards pepper.

 The restaurant's called PEKNG Restaurant, it's supposed to be the Beijing in Cantonese but they sort of spelled it wrong " pek-king". The first time I ate in this restaurant was last year, I was with my friends. For all those traveling to Macao, no worries, they have an English menu. You can choose from individual orders or value meals. Their value meal costs 18patacas roughly less than 100 pesos. Basically, their value meal consists of a bowl of noodles, 5 pieces of dumplings(cabbage or i think the other one is grilled meat and garlic) then a choice between a bowl of soup or soy milk. The soy milk served isn't like the ones in the boxes here, like vitasoy. It's like comparing a fruit juice box to fresh juice from fruits. If you want their fresh soya milk just say "tao-lai", tao means bean and lai means milk.

Dumplings and soya milk. All part of the value meal I chose. You can see that I finished my noodles here. It was too yummy, the smell of the pepper was just too attracting.

Qoo and Hi-C. Juice boxes that my mum usually bought for me for recess and lunch. Qoo grape is the best! It's the one in the green box. I haven't tried the white one, I think it's soya milk. As for Hi-C, the juice boxes below I would suggest their lemon tea (yellow) and mandarin tea(orange).

Mini market. Just two blocks away from our building. Since the market is a 15-min bus ride away, having one of these is very convenient. They sell dairy products, vegetables and fruits only.

Macao Cultural Center. This pond used to have fishes when I was younger. I have no idea what happened to them. The figures in the middle of the pond are two ships. Sort of battling each other. In the picture you can see the water spurting out from the ships.

That's  my uncle. Wearing an aztec printed top and khaki pants. The graffiti behind him can be found on the way to Leal Senado from "Soi-han-mei" I forgot the street name in Portuguese.
 Street names in Macao are usually in Portuguese and Chinese. Macao was a Portuguese colony and was transferred back to China on the 20th of December,1999. When you ride buses, the next bus station would be said in Portuguese, English and Chinese. It's important to have a map to know all the street names, with that you can ride a bus instead of a taxi and save more when going around Macao. Also, Macao's so small that you can actually just walk and ask for directions along the way. Walking from our flat to the leal senado would take me around 30mins. 
I just took pictures of some of my favorite snacks in the supermarket 2 blocks away from our building. The middle one at the top, that's a fish snack. I'm not sure what it's called but I used to call it fish sticks.

Leal Senado. You'll notice that some streets in Macao have black and white stones just like in this picture.That's the trademark of the Portuguese. You'll find them also in other parts of Macao. Some would even be shaped like lobsters, shells, just like the pictures in

Leal Senado. Shops in front of the church .

Crispy pork Floss. The stuff that breadtalk places on top of bread. First spread mayo then let your bread dive in floss.

Mcdonald's in Leal Senado.

Starbucks in Leal Senado.

Waffles. I mentioned these in my previous post. Well here's the regular waffle and the banana shaped waffle (heung-chio). It's not like the regular waffle with whip cream. People usually eat the banana shaped and the egg shaped as it is. As for the regular waffle, they put peanut butter,condensed milk and something else. Yes, all that in one, it may sound extremely weird but believe me the taste is extreme too! Extremely good!

Foto Princesa. When cameras used films back in the days, this is where I had my 1x1 ID pictures taken.

Zebra crossing. While walking to the supermarket, I took a picture of this. 

Just added more pictures that I took while I was in Macao.

Patricia Erica.

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