Friday, August 10, 2012

Rediscovering Macao

Wanton rice noodles. I tried different Chinese restaurants in the malls here in the Philippines, trying to find one that tastes almost like this one! So far, for the wanton I'd say SuperBowl of China but for the noodles, haven't found a restaurant that serves rice noodles or one wherein you can request to change your noodles. You have choices of noodles in Macao and I know 3 of them, the usual yellow noodles (min), rice noodes (mai-the one in the picture) and flat rice noodles (ho-fan). 

Kai-tan-chai. Well that's how it's pronounced. Translated: little eggs. It's actually just shaped like little eggs, it's made of a pancake-like mix and placed in a waffle maker but instead of the regular waffle, it's shaped as that. It comes in three shapes, the little eggs, the banana and the regular waffle. The picture below is where we usually buy them.

Since I was a kid, my mum would buy from them. Actually their grandma, they have been selling waffles for a long time. I can't even remember. Probably, even before I was born and I must say their waffles are so yummy! I used to have them for breakfast or for tea.

Sidewalk near the Leal Senado area.

The Tent. I'm not really sure if that's what it's called but it looks like a tent, right? This is where my kababatas ( childhood friends in tagalog) and I usually hang, "seaside". It's near the Macao Tower and you can see the casinos in Macao Peninsula too like Lisboa and Wynn.

The Macao Tower. I took a picture of it while we were on the bus and I was using a camera phone.

Sai Van Bridge. One of the three bridges in Macao, connecting the three islands (Macao Peninsula, Taipa and Coloane).
A Chinese Temple located in San Malo, on the way to Ruins of St.Paul
Check out our summer school uniform. The one with the blue stripes with a pocket "SRL". It stands for Santa Rosa De Lima. That's where I studied from Primary 1 to Form1. They sort of changed the design though, back then the sleeves had two stripes just like the ones near the collar, I think a single stripe was for the primary school and the two stripes for the secondary school. The blue tie can't be seen in this photo. It's like a sailor's uniform, right?
Magazine and newspaper stand. Located near Pacapio, where people bet on the Mark 6. It's like "Lotto" here in the Philippines. There's a restaurant inside the Pacapio building that serves the best congee!
Another sidewalk near the Sintra square area. The house like figure, with the yellow roof, that's a booth. That's where Sintra square is, it's like an events place. The Filipinos hold the annual "Pahiyas: May Flower Festival" there.

Margaret's Cafe e Nata. If you're craving for egg tarts and you're in Macao Peninsula, just head to Margaret's. They serve "make-your-own" sandwiches, different kinds of pastries and of course Macao's famous egg tarts! It's located near a BDO branch(a bank in the Phillippines) also near the Sintra Square!

Egg tarts and grape soda. One word: HEAVEN. My friends love them! Every time I go home, my friends will remind me to buy them egg tarts! Everybody loves them! Egg tarts were first made in Macao, in a bakery in Coloane, known as " Lord Stow's Bakery". It's well known around Asia and there are franchises around too. I know one here in the Philippines, it's located in Glorietta.

An old building, I'm not sure if people still live there. It's facing the wet market located in San Malo, also known as Leal Senado. At the bottom floor of this building, from the picture, you can see that there are vendors of clothes, usually pajamas. There are other stores too, like dried and preserved food. There's also a small grocery.

The church located in the center of Leal Senado.

My favorite herbal tea place. It's near the restaurant where we have dumplings. They have no permanent locations but they can be found almost everywhere in Macao Peninsula. Usually all bitter tasting but all good for your health. I always drink the sweetest they have which is still somehow bitter, I don't know the English translation of the tea but in Cantonese it's pronounced as " M-fa-cha" if I translated it word for word, it'll be five-flower-tea. It costs only 5-6 patacas a glass( roughly 25-30pesos). I usually drink it during the winter only, they always serve it hot.

Macao Cultural Center. Located just behind our flat and near the Sands Casino and Fisherman's Wharf. I think the Macao handover from the Portuguese to the Chinese also happened here. It's also a great place to chill and just rethink stuff, that's what I usually do there.
Turkish ice-cream. It's the bomb! Perfect during a hot day. It's so creamy and it comes in two flavors, vanilla and chocolate. It costs 20 patacas and it's totally worth it. Can be found in San Malo, on the way to the Ruins.

I traveled around Macao like I was a tourist, like I didn’tknow my own home. I was re-discovering home. Comparing it to what it used to bewhen I was younger, Macao has changed a lot. To those who are reading my blog(haha), I hope you enjoyed the pictures! :)

The very reason I went home to Macao was for my dad’s birthday. Iwas there only from the 5th of July till the 8th, becauseI have school but at least I got to spend four days with my family and meet up withmy batch mates there and catch up.

Hard Rock Cafe. We had dinner the night before my dad's birthday and had a countdown too. (left to right) Dad, mum- my twin, baby bear and my Uncle. My brother bear wasn't able to make it because he had work. The highlight of our dinner was the baby back ribs. The band there was playing different genres of music. It was a great place to just hang out with my family. We weren't really able to chat much because of the loud music but we were all bobbing our heads to the music. 

A day before I left for the Philippines, my mum gave me ashopping spree! I’ll be posting about the stuff I bought probably next time. :)

Patricia Erica. 
( like a diary) haha


  1. Macau is a wonderland! Take me there someday okay?

  2. hey miss blogger, o should i say BEBE! this blog :'( makes me wanna go back.

    1. you're going back this December naman e ? :> see youu! :)