Friday, August 31, 2012

Shoe in love

I promised that I'll be blogging about my shopping spree granted by my mum. I must confess, I am a sucker for shoes, I'm not sure how to feel or react. Pete would always tell me that I have lots of pairs and some of them I haven't worn and then I'm already buying new pairs. He even gave me a challenge a year ago. The challenge was to not wear a pair of shoes twice. I FAILED. Gee, there was nothing on the line though, got nothing to lose but I like that challenge. Maybe I'll try it again. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED, again. :))

Well, here are the pairs that I bought when I was in Macao for a weekend. I don't need labels, I just need catchy, classy, simple and unique. I don't really have a particular taste when it comes to things, I only have one rule and it's comfort. How are you supposed to love what you're wearing when you don't feel comfortable? Same goes with not being comfortable in your own skin, it affects your confidence and your mood. 

Nessa. A local boutique in Macao. I just fell in love with the shells on it. Seems perfect for the summer! Since it's summer year-round in the Philippines, it's just perfect!
Steve Madden. This pair was a gift from my cousin, ate Bing! Oh-so-simple, a "go-to" pair.
Nessa. Turquoise and orange(the picture below). The two belong to my mum but then she decided to give them to me. I still can't believe my mum bought every color available for this pair. Well lucky me! My mum is a size 6 and I'm 5.5-6. SCORE!
Nessa. I found this pair in Nessa but it's labeled J&M. There were a lot of designs just like the basic Toms and Espadrilles. I chose this pair because it's different and it's floral.
Pull and Bear. When I was younger, my parents and I each had a pair similar to this. Reminiscing my childhood . We would go out as a family wearing them.
Bershka. My first pair of gladiator shoes. Pete told me that gladiator shoes wouldn't look good on me that's why I was sort of hesitant in buying before. But this pair is too cute for me not to have them. Plus, it was the last pair and 100 patacas off! SCORE!
Steve Madden. When I saw these I just knew I had to have them. There was a girl trying it on too and we were of the same size. I had the feeling she was gonna buy them but she settled for the white version of this.

This pair is from The Ramp in Glorietta. Pete and I were just window shopping then I saw this pair! I just knew that my mum would love them. So I spent my savings on them for my mum. She loves anything nude, brown and black. TADAAA! I'll bring them with me when I fly back home. I showed her a picture of them on Instagram and she loves them! I just hope that it'll fit her perfectly.

I think we all know where I got this shoe "addiction" from. I'll just say that it's a mother-daughter thing.
Say hello to my twin-sister-bff-mum! My baby brother took this picture of her and she told me to check facebook at once! The next thing she told me, "It's all about the shoes." Haha! I love you mum! :* 

After my weekend vacation in Macao and Pete saw all the pairs that I bought. I am currently under a special "tax". I will be taxed for the bags and pairs of shoes that I will buy in the next 5 months because he thinks I have too many. Right now, I have 3 months remaining and I haven't bought a pair or a bag. My tax is 30% of the selling price. Whenever I feel like buying a pair, I would tell myself TAX TAX TAX or Pete would remind me of it in a devilish voice and give me a smirk. I'm not complaining much, come to think of it, it's for my own good. I'm learning to discipline myself.

Patricia Erica.


  1. Wow wow wow! I love most of the pairs in your collection! You have great taste! :) Think of them as investment na lang :) Hihi.

    The Misty Mom

    1. Thank you po :) I actually see them as an investment and some of my friends are now convinced narin :))