Monday, August 13, 2012

Walkin' down the streets

This is my first outfit post. I wanted to start blogging months ago. I was really inspired by fashion bloggers like Vern Enciso, Patricia Prieto, Carla Florendo, Alyssa Lapid, Lissa Kahayon and Kryz Uy. But I was shy. Recently, I asked ate Carla for advice on blogging. After that, I overcame everything that was holding me back and decided to blog again.It feels good blogging for myself, blogging because I can somehow speak my mind.

Summer vacation for students in Macao usually starts during the last week of May and ends first week of September. Summer in Macao is very different as compared to the Philippines, it is very humid in Macao. I hate the feeling of just walking around then later on you'll feel sticky and sweaty. That would somehow explain my sleeveless outfits. 
Day 1. Top: Forever 21 | Khaki pants: BAYO | Sandals: Call it Spring | Necklace: Local store in Macao | Bag: Longchamp | Watch: Wize&Ope

Day 2. Dress: Yellow ( Local store in Macao) | Flats: Zara | Hat: Pull&Bear | Bag: Longchamp | Watch: Wize&Ope

Day 3. Top: It was a gift | Pants: Bench | Flats: Zara | Hat: Pull&Bear | Watch: Wize&Ope | Bag: Coach
Meet my baby bear, Jopat Freille. He's 5 years younger than me and it's so sad that he's an inch taller than me. I know he'll grow taller than that and it sucks. He just graduated from primary school. Do good in secondary school baby bear! <3
Shopping spree. Brother bear wasn't able to join the family picture. He had work. Will post about the stuff I bought probably next time.
 I didn't pack lots of clothes because it was only for a weekend. 
I have a confession, I am a shopaholic. I'm a sucker for shoes.
I know I'm not the only one 💜💙

Patricia Erica.


  1. That's really sweet. Glad you started. Enjoy blogging, dear! :)