Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Buttoned up .

The weather was pretty unstable. It was oh-so-sunny in the morning till noon then it turned a little gloomy in the afternoon and right now, it's raining. Well, it was in the news that there's a probability that it'll rain and it is one of the reasons why I wore pants. I find it hard to walk on wet streets in sandals. It's impossible to not get mud on my jeans and feet. It's probably the way I walk, strange.
I was thinking "Barney Stinson" Haha!

I woke up a little late today and I wasn't feeling well because of a monthly skadoodle which is another reason I opted to wear pants and just grabbed a top that is comfortable. When I thought of comfortable, I told myself why not try to dress up like the guys. Well, this is what I ended up with. A polo shirt buttoned to the top, folded jeans and boat shoes. Oh boat shoes, I love them! They're like the "doll shoes" for the guys. I've seen my dad with different pairs since I was a kid and as a father's princess, he wanted me to have my own pair and I just loved that idea! To somehow make this look feminine, I chose a short handled bag and added accessories, not much though. I find it funny that my nails are purple too. Haha!

Pictures were taken by Paolo Arcangel

Top: Folded and Hung | Jeggings : Local store in Macao | Shoes : Sebago | Bag : Maldita |
Watch : Wize & Ope | Bracelet : SM Accessories | Ring : Pull and Bear | Sunnies: Mango

What do you think of my attempt to dress up like a boy?

Patricia Erica. 

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