Thursday, September 13, 2012

Just like the good old days. (photo diary)

When I was a little girl, wait, maybe I should use "younger" since I'm still literally little right now. Haha! Well, when I was a little girl my mum and I would usually go Yam Cha with Tia Angel and my mum's other colleagues. As I mentioned in my previous post, Yam Cha, if translated word for word means drink tea. But it's more than that, we would have dimsum and dumplings and everybody's favorite Chao Fan ( fried rice), specifically Yang Chao. Tia Angel would usually reserve one big room, with a big round table in the middle and two mahjong tables on both sides. If it wasn't with my mum's colleagues and Tia Angel, it would be with family and relatives.

Chicken feet. With peanuts and taosi.
Choi sum. I'll keep on repeating this. Everybody's favorite vegetable! haha!
Lanterns. Mid-Autumn Festival is fast approaching! We had our Yam Cha near Leal Senado. On a side note, the green bus is a public transportation in Macao.
Fish meat and congee.
Tea. I'm not sure what's this tea in English but it's pronounced as "bo-leng-cha"
Steamed chicken and mushroom rice.
The on in the middle is fried dough which is often eaten along with congee, it is usually dipped in congee. But in this picture it is wrapped in rice wrapper and with soy sauce. First time to try it and it was good!
Pai Kuat Fan. Pork ribs in taosi sauce with rice.
Ha Kao. It's like wanton, with shrimp inside but the wrapper used is different. And I am in love with this wrapper since I was a kid! 

When I was in Macao for my term break, my mum made sure that we went Yam Cha, she surely knows how much I miss it! I wouldn't care much about the Chao Fan since they have it here in the Philippines and besides I'm sort of tryna lose weight haha! :)) So I digged in on the dimsum and dumplings! Oh heaven! The smell of the dumplings just reminds me of the old days, while the adults were playing mahjong, my playmates and I would be busy with our coloring books or enjoying the unlimited ice-cream!  

There are actually more dimsum and dumplings available, these are just my favorite ones. :) 

I hope you enjoyed the pictures! haha! And try Yam Cha soon! <3 

Patricia Erica.

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