Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Our thing for comics.

Finally, it's our term break! I just finished my final exams and all of them were scheduled on the same day. I consider myself lucky considering the short term break, not sure about the term lucky. I've been talking about this post on Instagram and Twitter. Now,I finally get to update and publish the post! Haha
 * Forgive me for the pictures, I'll work on it. 

See, it all started long long time ago. keeed! It all started when we were at Robinsons Manila, we were just window shopping then we saw everybody's favorite four letter word! S-A-L-E on all back issues, 50 pesos only at Comic Odyssey! So we checked the place out, back issues happen to be the old titles of comics, those that started waaaay back. We didn't buy anything that time.

During our OJT last February, Pete would surprise me with "One-Shot" comic books! I never knew there was such!( For those, who don't know what they are, they're actually just like short stories. haha they're not related with the other titles)  I was so excited when I received my first one. We have 7 one-shot comic books and I never saw the other surprises coming. Lol.

Special Avengers: The Initiative. ( My favorite!)
The Guardian.
Man Bat.
Grodd of War.
Commissioner Gordon.
We started collecting titles!
We saw that DC The New 52 is a revamp and relaunch of DC Comics. All titles back then  were cancelled and new first issues debuted last September 2011. Luckily, there were still titles on the shelves that still had their complete issues up-to-date.When we found out about this, I immediately thought of the fastest man alive!

Green Lantern Corps. Our very first title!
Batman Incorporated.
Batman Detective Comics.
Hawkeye. Our very first Marvel title!
Teen Titans. One of my favorites! I used to watch the cartoon every Saturday! We also have the title, the Ravagers, the two stories are somehow intertwined. I wouldn't wanna say much, I might end up spoiling. :>
Superman Action Comics.

The Flash. The fastest man alive! We weren't able to see the complete issues on the shelves which made me reaaally sad, he's my favorite DC hero. So Pete searched online and saw a seller on Sulit( an online stores' website), we received the issues a month ago HURRAY!. 

Recently, Pete told me about Marvel NOW! It's a revamp of the Marvel comics which is scheduled to debut on October this year! They didn't stop all the titles that they have. Only selected titles will be relaunched. Deadpool and Iron Man are a few of them. And I have my eye on Iron Man! Haha! I'm just so excited! eeeh!

Well, I gotta go pack my bags and print my ticket. I have a flight home to catch. Wouldn't want to miss that! I brought my gift for my mum with me!

Patricia Erica.

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