Monday, September 24, 2012

Processed charcoal .

 Ola! Well here are pictures of my sketches during the summer of 2005. I found my sketchbook in my mum's magical closet. Haha! People would usually have a treasure chest like box made from wood where they keep things that are essential, especially if there's a story behind it, my mum's happen to be a closet instead of a chest. The morning before I flew back to the Philippines, our house was on "general cleaning" mode. Haha! So the things in my mum's magical closet were taken out and I stumbled, LITERALLY, on my sketchbooks, A4 papers, illustration boards, canvases and coloring books! Literally, because I was running around the house. Yes, I'm 18------ minus 10. haha!

Baby cartoons were the "bomb" back then.
The eye in the middle of the page was drawn by my teacher. The first page, my first session.
I don't have titles for my sketches. Haha! This girl was sort of stained by my abstract work back then. Clumsy kid.
My first attempt on shading. This was based on a photograph of a lady on the patio just staring at the view. I cannot remember the book / magazine the photo was from.

This was based on a photograph of a lady wearing a fur coat I think in Russia? I cannot remember but the book was on winter fashion.

A mimer.

 It was the summer of 2005 when I decided to take up portrait classes with Mr. Arnel Canasa instead of painting classes with Mrs. Didith Canasa. (They're a couple, if you were wondering. :) ) After my decision, my parents immediately bought books and magazines with lots of pictures. Pictures for me to base my sketches from. All of the pictures of my sketches in this post are based on those books my parents bought except the sketch of the girl which was stained by paint and the very first one. You might have noticed that most of my sketches were just the heads, it's because that was the first part Mr. Canasa wanted me to learn.
I'll be sharing some of my paintings under the guidance of both Mr. & Mrs. Canasa soon! :)

Thank you mum and pops for supporting me 100% in whatever summer activity I wanted to try.
From ballet, to swimming, to playing the piano, to painting.And I remember I was a "saling-pusa" during my brother bear's karate classes.

Patricia Erica . 

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