Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pull & Bear : School girl .

I wore this to school two days ago. I was sorta complaining in my previous posts about the weather. I guess I got what I wanted this time. It was blazing hot that day so I decided to wear a sleeveless, a pretty light one I must say.


Lookie here! I found this in my room when I was home during the term break! My folder back in  Primary 6! I saw it in my book shelves, squeezed in between my Portuguese textbook and my atlas. It survived for 6 years there! I think? I immediately took it and brought it here in the Phils since it was still in good condition! I got it from Sanrio, I think it's called it Gift Gate here. I loved the little twin stars, the characters on the folder, back then. 

I must admit that I feel uncomfy wearing jeans. I've got two reasons. First, because it's hot here in the Philippines but less humid as compared to Macao. Second, because I'm short and jeans make me feel shorter. I know it sounds weird but it just makes me feel short :| But I don't wanna get an offense for breaking school rules. Err, the dress code. Thing is, most of my shorts are not allowed in school but come to think of it, jeans are not that bad. Considering the environment here in Manila, I wouldn't want stares from people like my mum used to describe. The "nasty" ones, I think you know what I'm talking about. So jeans it is! 

Enjoy the sun, apply sunscreen. Stay safe everyone! ;)

Patricia Erica . 

Top & Jeans : Pull & Bear | Shoes : Nessa | Earrings : The Fashion Republic | PARIS ring : Shop All Day ( online store on IG) | Bracelet : Juicy Couture | Watch : Wize & Ope | Bag : Maldita 

Photos were taken by Paolo Arcangel.


  1. What a cute outfit! your striped shirt and the shoes are really gorgeous as well as your jewellry!! Love your paris ring and your watch:)

    Hope you visit me on my blog

    1. Thank you! :) I will surely visit your blog! ;) I am actually reading your blog right now! <3