Thursday, September 20, 2012

Rajo Laurel x SM Parisian

I joined the Rajo! for Parisian online promo about a month ago. We were gonna tweet pictures of ourselves wearing Parisian Shoes, we were allowed to tweet as many entries we wanted, as long as we tagged SM Parisian on twitter. Fashion bloggers will then choose their top 5 picks, who'll be the finalists! Finalists are given 2 VIP tickets each to the launch of special-limited-edition collection on September 25 at the SMX. 

Luckily, my entry was picked! Hurrayyy! I have a date already and we're so excited! My Hunger Games inspired cocktail . I'm guessing the odds were in my favor? ;) I seriously can't find the words to explain what I'm feeling! There's this little kid in me, wanting to jump around and just scream yaaaaay, like I just got the newest and coolest toy ever!

Among the finalists, Rajo Laurel and the SM Parisian team will choose 3 entries. Winners will win 2 pairs of shoes from the collection! Winners will be announced on the 21st! 

I just can't hide what I'm feeling so I thought of sharing it. :) I found out about the news this afternoon. Talk about sunshine on a cloudy day! It really made my day!

Patricia Erica .


  1. Congrats Sweetie! You deserve it! Don't forget to scream at the top of your lungs!jk ;)