Sunday, September 9, 2012

Something about firsts.

Had a lot to do today. Oh, everything started in the afternoon. I was just watching the cartoon, the last airbender, the whole morning. haha!Had an afternoon date with my mum at the Venetian, tea time with my mum and brother bear then an evening barbecue party by the beach with some friends and I had to fetch my baby bear after the fireworks at the Macao Tower.

Gee, I'm going island hopping! From Macao Peninsula to Coloane and back to Macao. But since, Macao is a pretty small place, I can just take a bus. With all that, I decided to wear a sleeveless top because it was quite hot that day. Also, a breezy skirt with a scarf print which, I must say, is a good buy! It was a "gift" from my brother bear and it's just perfect for the beach!

The purse is kinda off but I didn't pack much with me because I'm staying only for a few days. So I ended up with this because I seriously need  one. I need it for my bus card, my ID, my cell and of course money. Gee, why didn't I bring purses? Noted. Next time.

Here's a closer look at the print of the skirt.


 Pete told me that I look much shorter in what I'm wearing, my mum and brother agreed. Well, I am short, not YET 5 flat. CHYEAH, that's the goal! There's still hope cause I'm still a teen. haha I don't mind if I look short, I've always wanted to try this look, wearing long skirts and the first time I tried, I sorta mixed prints and patterns. I guess it didn't turn out that bad right? Besides the height issue haha.

And the thing about firsts, let it be an awesome or an awful experience, it is always memorable.

What's on me?
Top: Yellow | Skirt: A stall in Macao Square | Shoes: Steve Madden | Purse: Accessorize | Rings: Shop All Day (online store on IG) | Sunnies: Mango

Pictures taken by Jopat Acuna and Manuel Jorge Acuna

Patricia Erica

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