Friday, September 14, 2012

Three times the happiness (photo diary)

Well here are pictures that I would like to share. These pictures were taken during my term break. You can say that these pictures are somewhat random because there is no theme for this post. I just wanna share how my term break was. See even if our break was short I must say that I was happy, really really happy! :) 
Wanton Mai. Wanton rice noodles with chili oil.
Oh I will never get tired of noodles. Even if it was so hot outside I still added chili oil and I did sweat a little even if the restaurant had air-conditioners. Imagine we were sitting in a regular sized round table and there were six of us! Well, the restaurant was quite small and it was the peak hour, lunch time. We were like sardines! haha! But it was all worth it, happy tummy! Next time, I promise to try a different bowl of noodles.

  My search for the "ultimate" bowl of wanton noodles here in the Philippines is not yet over. My friends said that I'll find the ultimate bowl if I go to Binondo. One day, I will. Haha!

The Kowloon Dairy. Milk and milk chocolate drink.
I missed these big time! The night before my flight, my mum and I went to the grocery. I bought some of my favorite snacks when I was younger! It's sad that the snacks that used to cost 1.5patacas now cost 2.8 patacas! Talk about inflation! Well, the plain milk was for me and the chocolate milk was for my dad. Oh the creaminess down my throat! I drank it for breakfast before I left for the airport. I also had a sip of dad's milk chocolate! teehee. But since I was a kid, I still prefer the plain milk. 

Snow globe-like ring.
This ring's from my aunt. It's so cool! You have to shake it like a snow globe for the glitters to move around! I can't wait to wear this for an outfit post! :)

The Flash iphone case and three-eyed alien ear cap.

 I mentioned here that my brother bear bought me a case and an accessory for my iphone. Well here's a picture of it! The Flash is my favorite superhero so I just had to have this! But I wasn't able to find an ear cap of the flash, so I settled for this cute alien from toy story! I'm not sure if it's called ear cap. Some call it dust stopper, water stopper.

Macao's not only famous for their egg tarts but also their chu-pah-pao! If translated word for word, pork chop bread. You can see in the picture, the shop Tea Plus that sells one of the best pork chop bread in Macao! You can find them on the way to the Ruins of St.Paul in Leal Senado.

Shake shake fries.
If it's twister fries in the Philippines, it's shake shake fries Macao! Seaweed! :)

Compact curler.
Since my eyelash curler was inside the kit I lost, my mum bought me this! It is smaller as compared to my old metal curler, the usual curler that we see in department stores. It fits in my small kit too! Well, it just contains the basics that's why it's small. Just powder and blush haha and this curler is an addition! YAY! As you can see in the picture there is a black rubber below, it's an extra. As soon as the one being used is dirty or gets old, you can change it.

Haagen Dazs.

This picture was grabbed from Nina, my best friend since primary 1. She's the one wearing a red sweater and the girl with her cell is Celina! She tried out for UMAC's swimming team after tea time with us and I promised to cheer during her competitions! haha!  
Dairy Queen.
Jopat's (baby bear) chocolate sundae. He told me to take a picture of it. haha! I'm missing him big time! He gets "pikon" quite fast and I miss "bullying" him! It was the day that mum, baby bear and I bought clothes and pasalubong. :)

This picture was grabbed from Nina.
Had a lunch date with Nina and ate Regine. We had lunch in a restaurant near UMac ( University of Macao). After lunch we accompanied ate Regine to her room and Nina toured me in their school. It was soooo awesome! It's a pretty big campus. Imagine a campus on a hill! Students would really lose weight, they have to walk uphill to enter the main entrance of their campus then walk uphill again to their classes. They also have a cafe, Nina and I had drinks and chatted for a while. 
Baked rice and chicken in Portuguese sauce.
Tents by the beach.
BBQ. Fishballs
 I mentioned here that I was going to a barbecue party by the beach. It was Joel's birthday party. I met new friends and was able to catch up with old friends. It felt great to be the ones doing the barbecue, when I was younger it was always the adults handling the barbecue. For all the different kinds of frozen balls ( fishball, shrimp balls, crab balls etc.) and also hotdogs, we would just have to stick them to bbq sticks, as you can see from the picture above. Then we had the traditional way of barbecuing the chickens and porkchop, we use honey to add a little flavor on our bbqs. When we were leaving, we saw tents set up by the beach. It was so breezy that night, so it'll be a good idea to camp.
Tao lai. Soya milk.
Leal Senado. Getting ready for the mid-autumn festival. You can see the lanterns. They're so cute!
Chocolate Pudding.
Portuguese Bean Pudding.
 Oh I love these! I used to have them every time I would accompany my mum to the market in Leal Senado. When I can't decide which pudding to buy, I would get them both! Haha!

I love the short break for three reasons! First, my mind, was able to just relax after 3 months of school and now it has more space to absorb more knowledge! Haha! Second, my soul, well I was able to catch up with my childhood friends, not all though :( , since some had summer jobs and some were starting school already. Well, I was able to meet more friends and most of all, I was able to bond with my family! ( I'm not yet homesick but I'm pretty sure after a few days I will be. It always happens. Haha) Lastly, my body, specifically my tummy! Check out the food I ate! haha. Back to Taft food!

Well, I am sort of ready for school. It started two days ago and the usual, professors shuffled and I have two professors who are rumored to give a lot of homework. Oh well, there's nothing I can do. FOCUS here Pat, FOCUS!

Patricia Erica.

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