Thursday, September 6, 2012

What's cooking?

I'm home for the short break! Gee, I really like it when the plane goes through a cloud. Cotton candy land!

Feels good to be home! Touchdown at around 3pm. The heat this afternoon was bearable and it was not that humid.When I arrived, I asked my mum 'What's cooking?' she replied, baby back ribs, steamed crabs and choi-sum. I think I drooled after hearing that.
Choi sum. This is usually the vegetable that restaurants here boil and include in your noodles. Besides, the soup, the meat and the noodles, there should always be vegetables! It's from the same family of the "pechay". I think everybody loves this vegetable! At least, in our family, everybody does. You can just saute it using vegetable oil, add some cloves of garlic, oyster sauce and fish sauce. That's how my mum usually prepares it.
Steamed crabs. My favorite since I learned how to crack the shell. Haha!
I love seafood! Especially scallops, crabs and squid! I cannot resist them! Although crabs and I had a very rocky "fav-food-relationship". Sounds weird right? When I was in Form 1 in Rosa ( 1st year high school in Santa Rosa De Lima , the school I went to here in Macao) I represented our school in the "Inter-school badminton competition". I trained hard because I wanted to win so bad especially when I was going against Ho Tung ( my baby bear's school). Luckily, I won and advanced to the "quarter-finals". A few hours before the game, while waiting for lunch to be served. My mum came out of the kitchen with a crab dish. Cutting to the chase, I was late and disqualified. Late because of traffic which rarely happens in Macao! Ended up at fourth place, it took me a few days before it sank in. Then when I saw my coach, he told me that I was everybody's "bet". Then I went back to denial and was bitter again. Oh well, on the bright side, I was the first Filipina to reach that far in the competition and my name was in the newspaper. Less bitter and I have moved on. Back to loving crabs!

Oven Baked Ribs. Margarine, cloves of garlic, pepper, salt, and lots of chili garlic sauce! Anything spicy, everybody loves!
Lee Kum Kee Chili garlic sauce. I'll be bringing a bottle with me to the Philippines! This is exactly what I need when I am craving for spicy food! You can mix it with almost everything!
And by everything, rice is included! The picture may not look that attractive but believe me, the taste is " I-cannot-explain-but-it's-hella-good" kind. To all those who love spicy food, you would love this! You want something spicy or spicier, add this in!
Cherries and grapes. Dessert! Was eating these while chit-chatting with my mum!
Happy bellies! This time brother bear wasn't able to join the picture again because he was focused on his private server on Flyff. According to him, they're searching for bugs in the beta.
Zara. While waiting for dinner, mum showed me these. I wanted all of them! But when I found out they were all from Zara, I doubted that they'll fit. Their smallest size is 6 and I'm a 5. Tried them on, luckily the black and the green one were just right. Hurray!
I just can't get over this vegetable. I always hoped that I'll find these in the supermarket or find a restaurant that serves them.
Finally, "real" food and by real I mean "cooked at home". In Manila, especially during school days, I always end up eating in fast food restaurants or the canteens around and it's because my mum doesn't trust me with stoves. YET! Sometimes, Pete and I would just make sandwiches if we don't feel like eating out. I am currently learning how to cook, I know how to fry and bake a little bit. I just need time, a manual and a stove!

Patricia Erica.

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