Sunday, October 14, 2012

An hour and a minute .

College diaries. Here's what I wore to school yesterday. YES, I had a class on a Saturday from 8am to 6pm. It was the first meeting for my major subject on IT Audit. I would not want to tell you how my day went because it'll bore you. I tell ya, it surely did bore the hell outta my classmates and I. Well this subject will be done in two weeks and hopefully I'll be free with an 83 (our quota grade). 

I hope that'll explain my eye luggage in the pictures. :( I had an all nighter because I had a report and my body clock's pretty messed up. Hence, I woke up an hour and a minute before class. I didn't jump out of bed immediately I was still staring at my phone in disbelief of the time, waiting for everything to sink in.

Thing is, I'm a slowpoke in the morning so it takes me about 2 hours to prepare for school and when I don't have enough time, I would prefer loose tops and jeans/skirts. Hopefully there wouldn't be days like this anymore. Haha!

Now let's add some color to this post.
Ladies, another giveaway is coming your way! 

Patricia Erica . 

Top : Zara | Jeggings : Bershka | Sandals : Steve Madden | Spikes rings : Pull & Bear | Black connector ring : Shop All Day | Watch : Swatch x Jeremy Scott

Photos were taken by Marianne Antolin. <3

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  1. Thanks. I look so pretty messed up in here too. LOL!