Sunday, October 7, 2012

Anniversary date .

Nope, it isn't me and my freckles' blogaversary. Well, not yet. Just last week Pete and I decided to celebrate our anniversary a few days earlier than the actual date because we have classes on that day and he has an exam. Besides it wouldn't hurt celebrating early. So here's what I wore during our date yesterday at ATC.

I was looking at my feet but it seems like my eyes are closed in this picture. Haha! I was quite shy too, because there were people looking at us.
Here's a closer look at the print on the dress.It's an oriental-like print.

I sort of found it hard to accessorize considering the dress, so I just based my accessories on my shoes which had gold rhinestones. And I finally had the chance to take this nude tory burch bag for a spin! I got it as a gift during my 18th birthday just last May :)

 It was so traffic when we commuted from Taft to Alabang, when we arrived we were so hungry. I was thinking of a place where the servings are big! Haha! So we settled for Chili's and believe me their servings are very very big for a small kid like me, I felt like I was gonna burst! Good thing the waist part of my dress was stretchable! Haha! So here are pictures of what we had at Chili's.

We had burgers, fries, onion rings and smoothies. Oh their strawberry smoothie was great! There were strawberry bits in it! Strawberries blended with vanilla ice-cream down my throat and into my tummy! :)) While we were eating we were watching the UST-ADMU game and we were "reacting" along with the crowd in the arena. By reacting I mean, we were whispering to each other "sayang" or " SHOOT!" :)) Well, we didn't want to disturb the other customers around. We decided to not watch a movie because the lines were long. We ended up playing at time zone! Haha! Allow me to BRAG :)) I was able to beat Pete at basketball twice! This girl can shoot some hoops! Haha!

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Have a blessed Sunday everyone!
Patricia Erica .

Dress: Une Boutique | Sandals : Steve Madden | Bag : Tory Burch | Bangle : Forever21 | Ring : Candy House Accessories | Necklace : Cutiestuffy 

Photos taken by Pete Cepe.


  1. Hey! i miss you. and i just wanna tell you that you look so pretty bebe. hope to see you soon.

    1. Thank you bebe. I miss you sooo much :( Oh, I'll see you soon ;)