Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Folded and tucked in.

Here's what I wore to school today!Gee, I'm sort of turning this blog into a diary-ish. Haha! A diary of my outfits for school. Should I call this a school diary? What do you think? :)) I think it drizzled or rained during the morning because when Eunice ( a dear friend of mine) and I went for a jog, the ground was quite wet and muddy! Hence, the jeans. My first class was in the afternoon and when I peeked out of the window, the sun was coming out, the reason for a sleeveless top. :)

Oh just a "cliche" pose. Am I even allowed to label it cliche?Haha! it's just my opinion though :)

Tucked my top in and folded my jeans to avoid the puddles. Paired it with something neon, kicks and a necklace. I'm wearing my favorite watch! My ipod nano. I'm so proud of it because I purchased it using my savings with a little subsidy. Alright, a huge part of it was subsidized. Haha!

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10-10-12, it's my dear friend's birthday!! 

The weekend's quite near. Midterms week is near too!
Enjoy the rest of the week!

Patricia Erica .

Top: Bazaar | Jeans: Pull & Bear | Shoes : City Sneaks | Necklace : Qwin Accessories | Watch : iPod Nano | Bracelet : School Bazaar (UnivWeek)

Photos taken by Pete Cepe.