Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Just the details .

  School Diaries. It was a very tiring Monday for me, I had to prepare for a recitation. I was also trying to study for my quiz on my major subject for the next day. During breaks, I would study or complete my notes. I better stop talking bout how my day was :)) With a cup of coffee, it all went well, not smoothly and not as planned but it went well, sort of. Haha! 

Here's a post on just the details of what I wore to school. :)

 From the accessories, to the prints and to my shoes. I sneaked in one whole body shot, it was the only one that turned out okay after editing it. Forgive me, I don't have the skills but I am willing to learn but now isn't the time. Gotta kick ass in my majors first. 

My kababatas who are studying here are now on sem break and are in Macao.
Talk about M.I.A :(

Midterms week is near for us.
Let us all kick ass! :)

Patricia Erica .

my eye luggage just gets heavier.

Top : Zara | Leggings : Une Boutique | Necklace : Bauble Outlet | Rings : Bershka | Flats : Zara | Watch : Apple - iPod Nano

Photos taken by Pete Cepe.

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