Monday, October 1, 2012

Stories to tell .

 When I was younger, my mum would usually enroll me in summer activities so that I won't be bored at home during vacation. I started painting classes with Mrs. Canasa during the summer of 2003, I think. I had painting during MWFs and piano lessons during THs, or the other way around. It was sort of tiring so I decided to give up one and focus on the other, I think you can guess which one I gave up on.

Well here are pictures of my paintings from 2001-2005! :) And yes these are part of the stack of treasures I stumbled on while running around the house like an 8 year old. I'll try my best to recall the story behind each work.

Abstract from my sketchbook, I don't paint things in my sketchbook because the paper is quite thin I might end up staining the next page. And yes, this was the page before the sketch of the stained girl in my post here. I just dripped some watercolor on the paper and blew at different directions. Haha! I did the same with the one below.

My very first painting on canvas!Haha! I didn't give it a title. 
Medium: Acrylic.
Title: Mum's orchids (2004).
Medium: Acrylic on canvas.
My mum loves orchids and she has a small garden in our balcony back home, she has plenty of orchids and is currently growing some crops ( bitter gourd and cherry tomatoes). Haha! I call it "Farmville" :))
Trying out different ways to paint flowers. I just love painting nature, especially flowers! I love the fact that they come in different colors, shapes and sizes! My favorite flower is the sunflower and I love eating sunflower seeds :))) I shall take a picture of my favorite brand of sunflower seeds soon! :)) Forgive me for being weird :D

This is a painting back in 2001, I was painting with my dad in the living room. I can recall that afternoon so well because it was my very first time to paint with my dad! It was my summer vacation and it was my dad's day-off. I was just watching television *CARTOONS* Haha! Then my dad approached me with a set of watercolor and illustration boards, I immediately jumped with excitement! This painting is somehow based on our house in La Union, well it was what I could remember at that time?The first time I visited the Phils, I was 2 years old and I was 12 during the next visit. So, this painting isn't accurate at all. Haha!

Frog prince (2005) Watercolor on illustration board.

I think the title for this painting is quite clear :)) Panther (2001)

And these are the ones framed. I wasn't able to take an individual picture of each because I was leaving for the airport. The basket of flowers on the right side of the picture is my second painting. You can also see another painting of orchids, this time it's for my grandmother. A deer in the forest (2004) and a tiger in a garden(2003), which my mum and I laugh at all the time. I mean who would have a tiger in a garden right? I should've gave that painting the title LOST. :)) The two paintings on the left, it was the summer of 2005, our workshop had a theme "Macao". We have the Macao tower and the supposed to be "Sai Van" bridge at the top, as well as a painting of the Guia or the lighthouse in Macao and a traditional Chinese boat.

I have two favorite paintings of mine. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of them. One of them is in our house in La Union, a painting of a zebra, a rhino and a giraffe running for shelter during a storm. The other one is in Canada, it's a painting of  Mother Mary and Baby Jesus. No, I didn't sell it. It was for free. I don't think I should put a price on my paintings because to me they are priceless and each one has a story to tell.

I'm not saying I'm a great artist. It is just my opinion that no art is worthless.

Patricia Erica . 

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