Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuding's : Original Porkchop (Photo diary)

Now how am I supposed to begin this post? A few months ago Pete told me about this particular Porkchop House at their place, Laguna. He told me that their porkchop's the best even if they aren't that big. I really wanted to try it and I got to, just last month! 

I'm not a foodie, I just love to eat A LOT! Haha!
The thing with porkchops, I don't eat the fat and the skin unless it's home-cooked. 
Tuding's is the first where I ate the fat and the skin of porkchop because Pete made me and it was actually good! I'm not sure how to describe it but the feeling isn't like chewing gum. You know when you eat those parts, it's sort of like chewing gum or maybe it's just me?Haha!

Their chili powder is seriously SPICY! I wanted to ask what brand it was because I love spicy food but I was shy. Haha! Well, if you're passing by Laguna you might wanna check them out.
Rice, sunny side up and fried porkchop for less than a hundred.

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