Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Change of plans .

Say hello to my favorite pair of shorts! Haha! Pete and I were supposed to go to a bazaar but then I sort of got sick. It wasn't that bad but I didn't want to travel far so we decided to just catch a movie instead.

My mum noticed that this pair of flats happen to be my favorite because I've been wearing them quite often. She told me, " Maybe we should buy you a new pair of flats, black flats. So that it's not always that Zara or Nine West. " Well who wouldn't love black flats right? It fits almost every outfit!

 Pete then decided to challenge me. For the next week, no wearing of black flats. 

Challenge Accepted!
Wish me luck :))

Patricia Acuña .

Top : Mum's | Shorts : Wanko |  Shoes : Zara | Bag : Freakin' Fierce 

Photos taken by Pete Cepe.

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