Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Day 5 : Keeping it simple

Here's what I wore for the last day of my shoe challenge. A very delayed post, I apologize. I wore this when Pete and I watched cartoons! Haha! We watched Wreck it Ralph. I don't know, there's just this kid in me that can't let go of cartoons. I can watch them all day, I remember getting up early around 6a.m just to catch the Fairly Odd-parents on Nick! Well I was sort of late so I just picked a sleeveless and shorts. Thanks to Pete's brother, Kuya Jayson for my wallet! Haha! A pasalubong from Davao! It's quite handy cause' even my phone fits in the wallet along with my money.

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Patricia Acuña .

Top : Artwork | Shorts : Old Navy | Shoes : J&M | Wallet : Davao 

Photos taken by Pete Cepe.

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