Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Miss Bella Cosmetics .

Take a deep breath ladies!
Check these items of the newest brand in the magical world of make-up! 

10 Colors Blush On Palette
32 Colors Lip Palette
177 Colors Bella Palette
Contour/Blush Palette
Earth Palette 120 Colors
96 Colors Palette

 I personally find the packaging of the items quite chic!
Don't you think? ;)

Ladies! Besides make-up, Miss Bella also sells make-up organizers as well as accessory holders (bracelets, rings, watches, sunglasses etc.) 

 You can visit them at World Bazaar Festival!
For prices of the items, you can :
Check their Facebook page here.
Follow them on Instagram : @missbellaph
Follow them on Twitter: @missbellaph
Check out their blog : lovemissbella.blogspot.com
What are you waiting for?
 Affordable, chic and a must-have!

Enjoy shopping ladies! xx


  1. how much is the 96 colors?earth palette 120 colors? and 177 colors.thanks

    1. Hi! Here's their contact number and e-mail :)

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