Thursday, November 29, 2012

Amor Fati .

I started this blog for fun. Also it somehow keeps me sane. Haha! With academics and other priorities, this blog is like an outlet of anything under the sun. Pete often sees me reading a lot of blogs, be it fashion, travel or a food blog. Then one day he told me, why don't you start one too? So here I am! See, I don't always go out. Just school, the mall and coffee shops. I bet you can tell from the locations of my outfit shots. Haha! 
I'm sort of a homebody because of the sun and my best feature, my freckles which I try to "regulate". After a little sun exposure, I'll know that I'll be getting more if my cheeks start to burn. :( All that aside, here's what I wore to school a few days ago!

 I love my shoes in this outfit. It's comfortable, light and it's cheap! I purchased it at the SM Department store. While my mum was shopping for gazillions of Christmas decorations to bring home, I was roaming around and I saw this pair. When I checked the price, it was 2 for 399.75pesos! Goodness gravy! I have it in gray too. I'll be blogging about them and other stuff too.  

Ladies and gentlemen! Do you want customized iPhone 4/4s cases? Perhaps a picture of you and your special someone, your favorite superhero or print. Stay tuned for another blog giveaway!

Have a great long weekend everyone!

Patricia Erica .

Top : Gap | Leggings : Wanko | Shoes : Solemate | Necklace : Pull & Bear | Watch : Apple iPod | 
Bag : Longchamp

Photos by Pete Cepe

Amor Fati- Love of fate. 
 It's from Nietzsche, we're currently discussing about his works in one class.

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