Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Return .

Here's a super delayed post, forgive me I was sort of a busy bee. My mum's here! Hurray! Haha but she'll be returning to Macao soon. Boo :| :(( That aside, we were required by our arts professor to go to the National Museum to see the Spoliarium by Juan Luna and here's what I wore. I decided to wear something breezy because I had lots to do, I had to hop from one place to another and the sun was blazing! The night before we went to the museum, I was really excited! I am really fond of museums, when I'm captivated by an artwork I tend to observe it up close then sit down and just stare at it. It may sound weird but it feels good, to me it's like sitting by the beach and staring at the view. 
Top museum on my list, the British Museum and the Louvre Museum. Oh wait, it's the return of my black flats! It's been a while ever since my shoe challenge. Haha!

Patricia Erica . 

Top : Bauble Outlet | Jeans : Local store in Macao | Flats : Zara | Bag : Pull & Bear | 
Sunnies : McJanYvette ( online store on IG ) | Watch : Apple iPod Nano

Photos taken by Pete Cepe.

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