Saturday, December 1, 2012

A little sharing .

In this post, I would like to share a few stories of Santa and I.

 " The Rise of the Guardians". When I first saw the trailer a few months ago I was really really excited! Pete promised that we will watch it because I was serious-serious that I wanted to watch it. Sweet. Haha! I believed in the Tooth fairy, the Easter bunny and especially Santa! Jack Frost, I don't know much about him besides the fact that he can make it snow. I hoped every winter, when I was a kid, he would pass by Macao and make it snow. I haven't heard of the Sandman until now. I have to admit that tears were forming at some parts especially at the end but I didn't let them fall because Pete would notice. I know it's shallow but they've been a huge part of my childhood! Gee, I miss being a kid, life was easier, the only major problem I had was how to finish the food on my plate which according to my parents, it is the "right amount" for me to grow. Another is, when I get wounded while playing with friends, my mum would say I'll get the peklat (a scar) and I'd be really scared because the word peklat doesn't sound pleasant to the ears.

It's now December! Santa Claus is coming to town! I remember I used to believe in him. I would even ask does he extend gift-giving? Can I have another gift during New Year? :)) I know I know, I sound like a greedy kid. But come on! I have always dreamed of catching him! Not the part where he enters our house through the balcony (we don't have a chimney) but when he eats the cookies and drinks the glass of milk! I left him oreos once, SWOOSHED! None left. His favorite, I told myself. See, I planned to ask him if I could go to the North Pole with him and play with the elves.  Haha! In the movies, I saw kids hanging their socks but the gifts I wrote in my letters to Santa won't fit in a sock! Haha! So I usually left a huge bag outside my bedroom window so that he doesn't have to leave it below our Christmas tree which would save him time so that he could deliver the gifts of the other kids. (Wise. right? Haha!) The first gift I received from Santa was a pair of roller-blades! I was 4 years old then. The next year I received an electronic piano, that Christmas morning I checked my bag by the window and there was nothing. I went out of my room with my sad kiddy face, there I saw it, below the Christmas tree! Dad said it was too big, it might break my bag so Santa decided to place it below the tree. Oh Santa Oh Santa. You got me to believe in you till I was 7, kidding 9 :| Lying, 10 ! :)) As years went by, my baby brother and I continued to write to Santa. We would even draw pictures for Santa. There was one time we received our gifts early and according to our parents it's probably on the top of the nice kids list. Haha! It was Christmas eve, we had to sing in the choir and go caroling in Mandarin Hotel. When we arrived home, our bags were so fat! We were jumping around the house with our gifts! Haha! When I was 9, I wished for a watch from Santa. The watch he gave me was exactly the watch mum made me try at the mall! She told me that she told Santa that watch was the one I wanted. I became skeptic so I decided to investigate. A year later I decided to pretend that I was asleep and AHA! Santa was caught in the act by yours truly ONLY. Did he do it on purpose and wanted me to see him? I don't know. But he told me to not tell my baby brother. So I didn't.Haha!

My baby brother's now a teen so we both know that Santa's Asian and is sun-burnt because he's a civil engineer! :))

I know it sounds so weird, I should've given a "warning" at the beginning of this post. Haha! I had the best childhood ever and that's because of my parents! Haha! Thank you mum and pops! I'll be home soon.

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