Monday, December 17, 2012

Can we make it official ?

Hi everyone! How's your vacation so far? Mine's great and it's only been two days! Well this post is on the things that I bring when I travel. These are my essentials, even if I don't really use them or I find excuses to not use them, but I still bring them with me because you'll never know. I refer to this as my travel make-up kit and not my kikay (I think this term means girly)kit. I know they're supposed to be the same. For me, make-up kit is the one seriously for make-up and brought during events and from all the stuff that my cousin in Canada and my mum buys for me which I have no idea on how to use, I've got a huge unused make-up kit. Then for the kikay kit, it is for everyday use kind of thing and in my case, it's powder and my lip balm, you can add on a lipstick if I feel like it. Oh dear, I sound like a girl! YIKES! But I am a girl, so I sound boyish now? See, I have two siblings and they're both boys and we're pretty tight. So I guess you will sort of have the idea that I will definitely be boyish. All this girly girl, started during college, 2nd year-ish somewhere in between because my guy friend was teasing me and I forgot why but he made me give this girly girl thing a try and I kinda liked it:)) Lol. The thought of having a guy friend making me try it is so funny cause' isn't it supposed to be your girlfriends or your mum making you try? :))

Warning: I will sound like a girly girl in this post.

 e.l.f. stick concealer and liquid concealer in Apricot Beige and lip stain in Coral-something. You can find these in my kikay kit , I often use this lip stain over any other product for the lips, the color sticks even after two meals! 

Purederm. Here's a recent purchase from NBS at Rockwell. I saw it by the counter and I immediately grabbed one while Pete was asking about the local comic book Trese, it's like a John Constantine themed kind of comic. I plan to read it after I read and be able to catch up with our current titles! I don't want my theme song to be "don't let me be the last to know" when it comes to our comics. :))

Sephora. Allow me to thank my cousin, ate Christine for these! A traveler's make-up kit with 3 levels ( eye-shadow, lip gloss and blush) and brushes! I'm still waiting for the right time to use it haha! Right now, I just use the blush.  My cousin really supports my enthusiasm with beauty because there was never a "maarte" part of me before :)) She has been very supportive and answers most of my questions and is now convinced that I have transformed from boyish to maarte.

M.A.C & Victoria's Secret. These lippies were handpicked by my mum for me and my current favorites are the two in the middle! One looks really natural and one is a bright color, in between pink and purple, more of a pink-shade.

My mascara and eyelash curler which I both rarely use because I find it really hard to remove even with make-up remover, I'm that lazy. So I only use it during events or when I feel like it which is quite seldom. M.A.C blush on and an essential during the winter, Vaseline lip therapy. I recently got another lippie from my mum, Maybelline, in Iced Caramel. Love it! smells good and it blends well with my lips' natural color. (daming alam HAHAHAHA)

Clean & Clear. I rarely use this too. I just use it whenever Pete & I feel like using it and have a facial oil competition :)) HAHA! We have this thing back in Santa Rosa, the more oil on your face, the more chickens you can deep fry! :)) It's weird but I find it really funny! Haha!
Garnier. Honestly, I haven't tried this that's why it's still in the box :)) I'm used to clean&clear, it was my first and I'm quite the brand-loyal type of person especially when it comes to skin care products. Well I wouldn't want to take the risk but I've read a review of this face powder from Garnier on and it seems okay. I might give it a try when I'm done with my clean&clear face powder. 

I don't use foundation, I don't know why. Probably because, I don't like applying much. I usually go for the clean look. So I just use concealer, powder and blush which leaves my eye-shadow palettes, eyeliners, mascaras and foundation untouched. Even during events, I sometimes prefer clean but then some of my friends would not allow it and apply make-up on me and I just let them. Haha! I would also like to thank them for that :)

What a long post!
I am now officially a girly girl. I think. Looking back two years ago, I think I am.

Enjoy the rest of your vacation! :)

Let us all scrap out the page in our dictionary with the word diet! Haha!

Patricia Erica.

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