Sunday, December 23, 2012

Full tank on the streets .

On nights when we don't feel like eating at home or when it's too cold for my mum to cook, we eat out. The other night, my mum, my brother bear and I decided to eat street food for dinner! Haha! It may not sound appropriate but we sure were walking down the streets of Leal Senado with a full tank! Street food. I don't really know what it's actually called. My friends, family and I just call it cut-cut because of the sound of the scissors they use.

Come buy Nai cha! And yes, COME BUY :) Such a funny name! This milk tea place has been around for quite some time now and in my opinion they serve the best Nai Cha! Just the right balance between tea and milk and I love the tapioca! Perfect after eating spicy food.

Here's what we ordered! Let me try to identify ( I'll be naming or describing the taste haha), we have your regular hotdogs and regular fishball. We have japanese mushroom, broccoli, cabbage, spicy-pepper hotdog, cheese hotdog, crab-meat balls, cheesy tofu, plain tofu, beef balls and lots more which I can't identify but I know they taste good. Like that one in a kisses shaped like form with green spots. I think it's crab. Oh! All that in curry sauce you can ask for extra spicy sauce. So the curry and spicy mixes to make it extra exxxtra spicy! Perfect for the winter!

The place isn't really on the streets like in the Philippines, they have their own location and pay rent and stuff but we still call it street food. This is located in the area near Soi-hang-mei, beside sun star city.

If you plan to buy a lot, they give you this strainer-like container. So here, we also bought this noodle-like thing.

So here are pictures of the other "cut-cut" you can choose from. Different kinds of meat balls or meat. Also, these are the half frozen things that we "hot-pot" which is known as Shabu-shabu in the Philippines. Here it's called, ta-pin-lo. I don't know the word for word English translation but we call it hot-pot and most of the time people have it during the winter.


More vegetables.

Tofu and mushroom.

Here's basically everything! As you can see I can't identify them all so I suggest go take the risk and try whatever that looks yummy for you! Haha! Well there's radish. Also you can ask for noodles and just choose your viand among those. In the middle part of the pic, you can see the hands of the vendor. Well, what she's doing is cutting some beef. Usually people come here for the beef and other organs (lamang loob), it's what we call the "cut-cut" and the others are just add-ons.

If you'll be visiting Macao, make sure to try this! No worries, there are benches by that area so you can sit and enjoy your cut-cut. Just throw your trashes in the right place or you'll be paying a fine-fine! :)

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