Sunday, December 23, 2012

Goodies for the kid .

Here's a post on the goodies my aunt gave me and I would like to share it here. Thank you tita Agnes! Tita's really really sweet and she told me she reads my blog! Hihi She gave these to me because she knew I loved dressing up and all the girly stuff. Thank you so much tita! :) All my friends said, since I turned 18 I became girly but not seriously girly just different from the kiddy kiddy Pat. Probably because I'm the "bunso", it means the youngest in our batch. Actually, it is a cover up. Haha! Because I know I won't ever be able to let go of my kiddy kiddy side, so I decided to let go of all my dunks and other rubber shoes and all that sort of scream boyish. I don't know, probably to bring balance? Strange thought :)) Or maybe it was just a natural thing. I don't know, I really don't know. I think that was step one of becoming a girl. Lol! :)) I didn't let go of them all, I still have my slip ons. 
But hey! Change is good, it all just depends on the perspective.  

Knitted headbands and earrings - These were made by tita. Cute right? I hate to spoil but their giveaways on their wedding day are like those! Seriously unique because it was made by the bride!

Victoria's Secret make-up - 1. Cheetah printed blush on. 2. Glossy tint 3. An eyeshadow quad. 

Purple Beaded bracelets

 Once again, thank you tita! 

Happy holidays everyone!

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