Monday, December 31, 2012

Got hitched again !

 Allow me to bump this post up among the drafts I have since we flew to the Philippines.This is definitely one of the highlights of the holidays and I have to confess that I still can't get over it. I was part of the entourage, the veil sponsor along with Kuya John. It was so beautiful and I believe that the word beautiful is an understatement of their renewal of vows. I can't find a better adjective and my fingers are quite frozen right now. We just landed an hour ago and we were greeted by a temperature of 9 degrees, such a cold welcome. Haha! Well, here are pictures from my phone and my mum's. Everything happened at the Camp John Hay in Baguio. The wedding was at the Bell Amphitheater and the reception at the Forest Lodge.  

The back of their mini cooper-limousine. Yes, limousine. A jaw-dropper I tell ya!
 On their way to the reception. There was a grand entrance. First, the entourage dancing to young ,wild & free by Wiz Khalifa as well as one more night by Maroon 5. As the bride and groom entered, the song Bottoms up was playing and they had champagne and a glass. It really did pump the guests because it isn't your usual wedding reception. When the couple reached the middle, the whole entourage joined them to dance the Gangnam style. Even if we weren't really that aware of the steps, one thing's for sure, you can tell that everyone and I mean everyone was having fun and that was just the beginning of the night.

 The bride, tita Agnes, and the groom, tito Joel. This was taken after the wedding ceremony.

 This was the last part of the program which I think they called the last dance. It was so romantic! They went out on the street and danced with a spotlight on them and with fireworks on the background. There was one firework in a shape of a heart. It wasn't that visible but still it was amazing!

 A picture with the bride! :)

 Here's a picture of my mum and I! :)

 Here I am with the bride and the designer of our gowns, Paul Herrera.
After the program, the bartender at the mobile bar started pouring cocktails and the DJ started playing music that definitely got the guests to dance!

 Tita Agnes and Tito Joel's renewal of vows is a perfect inspiration for couples. You can tell from how they look at each other and how things just went with the flow, things weren't stiff unlike traditional weddings. The atmosphere was light and promoted a really warm and positive vibes for everyone which is a reflection of the characteristics of the couple. With them, there is no dull moment. Everyone enjoys their company.The whole event was beautiful, perfect and grand in every aspect. And yes, please allow me to use the term "peg", because peg ko yung kasal nila!

Once again, congratulations Tita Agnes and Tito Joel! :)

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