Monday, December 31, 2012

In Paul Herrera .

I mentioned in a previous post that my mum and I flew to the Phils for my aunt and uncle's renewal of vows and here's what we wore. I was part of the entourage, the veil sponsor. A violet mullet for all the secondary sponsors was designed by Paul Herrera. Our gowns differed on the arms area. Unfortunately, I don't have a shot with all the secondary sponsors so I can't show you all but I have one with my cousin Pia who also is a secondary sponsor. :)

Here I am with Pia and with the cutest flower girl, Quinlynn. She's so cute!! She was born and raised in Canada and we were very surprised that she's very fluent in Ilocano, she's even better than Pia and I! :)) Such a smart cutie patootie!
Here's a picture with my mum! She's wearing Paul Herrera too.
Check it out, me and my freckles! HAHA! :))

 Isn't it lovely? It was quite breezy in Baguio so when we were walking down the aisle you can totally see the effect of the mullet, it was like swaying with the wind.  Luckily, we get to keep it! Thank you Tita Agnes! :)

After the program we were all required to change to a cocktail dress for the after-party. Mum and I love Paul, he designed my debut gowns before so we decided to have cocktails designed by him too. I had mine in my favorite color, RED! :) One of my gowns in my debut was also red. I'm not sure if I should blog about it, I think I should move on from it now. Haha! :))
Here are pictures of my cocktail.

We were lucky because the hotel we were checked in was where the reception would be held which made changing from a gown to a cocktail easy peasy! I did not dare step outside of the hotel because it was really really cold! Haha! In just three days, I fell in love with Baguio. The air felt and smelled clean and unpolluted! :)) Unlimited strawberries, affordable cab rides (haha) and many more! We took the night trip back to Manila, as we left Baguio I looked back and saw a mountain with lights from houses and other infrastructures, it was a really beautiful sight to see. 

 We've got a few hours left!
Happy New Year Everyone! :)  

Patricia Erica .

Gown & Cocktail : Paul Herrera | Accessories : SM Accessories | Black peep-toe : Zara |
 Red Pumps : Steve Madden

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