Friday, December 14, 2012

Loud, really loud.

I apologize for the pictures! It was a really busy day and it was quite hard to sneak in some time for outfit shots. I tried to dress up in bright colors to somehow lift my spirit so tada! I ran to neon colors for that extra extra good vibes I needed that day. At first my footwear was a pair of gray kicks but then Pete told me to switch to my neon flats. At some point of the day, I found my top was causing some serious pain to the eyes. It's too neon but I still love it! It's one of Pete's Christmas gifts! It surely helped a lot in lifting my mood! Thanks Pete! :) Haha!

Christmas Vacation just started!
AWWWYEEAAAAHHH!! Have a great one!

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Patricia Erica.

Top : Fabchiccloset (on Instagram) | Jean : Bershka | Flats : Steve Madden

Photo by Pete Cepe. 

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