Monday, December 17, 2012

Run along.

Here's my first attempt, an outfit which is just right for the winter season. Well not so, because it wasn't that cold. It's kinda strange actually, at this time of the year it's supposed to be seriously cold here but I am thankful that it isn't! Because my fats aren't ready for the cold! Haha! One thing's for sure though, it always gets colder at night.

Here's what I wore when my mum and I went searching for boots! :))

It feels so good to be reunited with my family. A little shopping here, a little bullying there and lots of kwentos and food everywhere! Well it is the season for families! Enjoy!:)

Patricia Erica.

Tube top : Yellow | Cardigan : Wanko | Jeans : Pull & Bear | Boots : Hush puppies | Bag : Polo Ralph Lauren | Necklace : Pull & Bear | Watch : Apple iPod Nano.

Photos were taken by my baby bear.
Meet this not so little man (literally), my baby brother, Jopat Freille! Derived from Jorge and Patricia, Frederick and Ellen. We sort of have the same nickname, Pat. So when someone says it and of course our parents often say it when it comes to chores, we both end up answering, what? or sup? :))

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