Friday, December 7, 2012

Strip it !

Hi ladies! Oh geez, I seriously cannot contain my excitement. I happened to pass by this online store on Instagram and I just wanted to share it! For the ladies who get allergic reactions to waxes used in the salons. Here's a must-try! 

Strip It! Hair removal sugaring wax.

A hypo-allergenic wax
They come in kits of different sizes!

Every Strip It! Wax kit includes : 
  1. Sugaring wax
  2. Instructions
  3.  Wooden Spatula
  4.  2 long sheets of reusable cloth (makes 12 strips)

With Strip It!
  •  Less chicken skin
  •  Hair grows back after 1-4weeks
  • Promotes skin lightening
  • Safe to use on any body part 
* It is easy to rinse because the wax is water soluble and 50% less the pain from other waxes. Kits last up to one year after opening

Check them out on facebook here.
Get your own kit now!:)

Patricia Erica .

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