Sunday, December 23, 2012

Tea time in Wanko .

Here's what I wore for an afternoon date with my cousin and my niece. I was planning on wearing all black because I was told that black somehow traps heat and that's exactly what I needed. As I am blogging here with my 2nd cup of tea, it is currently 10 degrees. I find it funny that I am wearing a scarf indoors but it is necessary! Sorta. Instead of black jeans, I decided to wear this red pair of trousers for a pop of color.

We just strolled around Leal Senado and Red Market, searching for accessories. I purchased The Flash earrings, and yes I was referring to the fastest man alive. Haha! Of course we also had our food trip which consisted of street food! Not only the cut-cut but also I saw my favorite pudding-like snack that I used to have after having congee! I'll be posting about it soon. :)

Happy holidays!

Patricia Erica .

Top & Trousers : Wanko | Flats : Zara | Purse : Freakin' Fierce

Photos were taken by Isabella.
She's my niece and she's taller than me! What's wrong with the world? Why are kids taller than me?
Lol! :))

(L-R) Isabella, Ate Diane and me. 

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