Tuesday, December 18, 2012

White Christmas with a zebra.

Here's what I wore a few days ago. When we toured my aunt and her family. It wasn't cold then, so I was able to wear this dress and didn't have to worry that my legs would be suffering from the cold. The temperature was from 20-24 degrees that day, it was sort of bearable. But right now, as I'm sitting on my bed in my pjs and a sweater on top, wrapped around my comforter while blogging with a cup of tea. brr :| The idea of leaving the house earlier today was not considered. Unless it snows! Haha!

Check out the deets of my dress, a sequined zebra! My mum picked this out for me a year ago and I only got to wear it now. This zebra detail really made the title of the post catchy. Haha!

Well, the usual wish of most countries especially the tropics, a white Christmas. It's great that we have winter here in Macao but we don't have snow. :( I've always dreamt of making a snow angel or a snowman and sing frosty the snowman. Haha!

Photos were taken by Jopat Freille.
 As you can see he is waaay taller than I am. And I am now even more a bitter sister than I was before, as bitter as a bitter gourd! And I think I will not move on from this issue that fast. Why can't this kid stop growing taller? Why didn't I get the tall-genes of my dad? He keeps on telling me you're still 18, there's still hope. Haha! Every possible way, I will take. Lol! :)) 

Happy holidays!

Patricia Erica .

Dress : Forever 21 | Boots : Mania | Bag : Polo Ralph Lauren

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