Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Winter in Venice .

I must try their Apple Fudge! It looks delicious! Haha! My mint chocolate cupcake was too minty, I was dying because it was cold outside and the mint was leaving a really really cool feeling in my mouth. The cake part was good though, we were given spoons for the icing part. Haha! Here's what's great about the cupcakes, they were for free! Free for me, I got to convince my very very veerrrry kind baby brother to treat me because he received lai-see (red pocket) from Santa :)) I know it sounds wrong cause' it's Christmas but Santa can't think of the perfect gift and just gave him cash instead. Haha! Ain't nothing better than free food!

The snow is artificial. This is just outside the Venetian here in Macao. It's a really great place to just hang out and watch the show on the facade of the Venetian. The music was great, you can also ice-skate! I remember having ice-skating lessons when I was younger and it was really fun! Pia(my cousin) and I would always be so excited for class. Haha! As soon as the artificial snow came during and after the show, the kids were playing and screaming! So cute! Even Jopat and I but we weren't screaming. Haha!

Here's a picture of my aunt and I. They stayed here in Macao for a few days and we toured them during Day 1. My aunt and her husband are going to renew their vows this December 28 and we wouldn't miss it for the world! We're flying back to the Philippines next week and we'll be back just right in time for New Year. Another is, my favorite designer would be creating our gowns, the great Paul Herrera! I am so excited for this event, it's gonna be beautiful and I'm glad and thankful that we're going to be a part of it. We'll see you soon tita, tito and kuya John! xx


  1. the shooeeessss... the shoooeeeesssss.... I LIKE YOUR SHOEEESSS!!!! >_<

    Hi there Patricia... it me your fan... archerangel ;)

    1. hi Pao! :)) come here na! bring your fur coat narin! xx

  2. in good times dear... in good times :P