Sunday, January 20, 2013

All in here. ( Photo diary )

I was able to sort through all the pictures taken during the holidays today and now allow me to share some of them with you :) So here's a photo diary from New Year's Eve at the Hard Rock Cafe, riding the gondola at the Venetian, Club Cubic and our side trip to Hong Kong.  

First, pictures taken during New Year's Eve. I did mention in a previous post that it was too cold for my mum to prepare and we just arrived from the Phils so we just decided to have the countdown at Hard Rock. The night before our flight, mum and I went to the supermarket and bought ingredients for the recipes she'll be preparing on NYE but all that were prepared the day after and were all deeee-leeee-cious! Haha! 

 I thought doing this would not make me look that short. But it did, it made me look shorter than ever! :))

Ahhhhh. food! :))

The staff as well as the manager dancing to YMCA. Haha!

The teenagers . :))
My brother bear and my baby bear.

Now the gondola ride we had before Kuya Francis, Ms. Sharon and I went shopping at the Venetian with my mum. It was also that night when we decided to go to Club Cubic. I heard and I saw on facebook that recently Steve Aoki was at Club Cubic.

The Japanese couple whom we shared the gondola with. :)

We bumped into ate Pau, ate En and tita Norma at the Venetian and decided to have dinner at the food court, Jopat also came after his classes to join us. We were all chitchatting and didn't notice that it was already past 10 p.m! It was when we decided to go to Club Cubic and then and there we asked permission from our mums. 
There would be performances in between to different songs. I think they were performing to one of Britney Spears' songs here.
 It was my first time at Club Cubic along with Ms. Sharon and Kuya Francis. Upon entering the club, 3 men went rushing towards me, trying to block me and said I.D please, one of them even raising an eyebrow. Haha! Then when it was confirmed that I'm 18, one of them laughed and said I don't look my age.

My kababata, Vanessa, was also there with her friends. :)
Heading home at 3 in the morning. We were supposed to go to Hong Kong the next day but we decided to postpone it. Haha! No one was able to wake up at 8am! :))

Lastly, our trip to Hong Kong! Prior to our trip I downloaded applications on Hong Kong but in the end I didn't really use it. I sort of still remember my Cantonese. Haha! So we first went to the Avenue of Stars and then went to Wellington St. to try the famous Dumpling House all the way from Beijing. After that, another session of crazy shopping at Central!

These are really funny. We saw them along a street market and were labeled accessories :)))
  I can't believe it! All this time, Hong Kong is a great shopping place and knowing that it was just a ferry ride away from Macao and I didn't even bother shopping there before. I thought, it'll be the same as in Macao. But now, I know :)) LOL! :)) 

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! 


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