Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Back from the past .

My first blog post for the year 2013 so first let me greet you guys a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
 How's the holidays so far? Mine's full of food tasting! Tasting isn't the appropriate term really ;) When you return for more that's definitely not tasting anymore! :)) Haha! This is the holiday with lots of food. We have the Noche Buena for Christmas and Media Noche for New Year's Eve and it is very very hard to resist the food on the table but it's only twice a year right? Besides, we have the rest of the year to shed it all off! I would like to share with you guys the some of the sweets that I love since I was a kid! This holiday season, every time I pass by a stall that sells these, I buy them right away! I missed these big time!

I have no idea what these are called in Cantonese but I just call them clay-pot pudding. Because they are in clay pots then you have to use a knife to swipe along the insides of the clay-pot for the pudding to come out but I'm not sure how they are made. Flavors vary, it depends on the stall, the most common flavors are chocolate, vanilla and strawberry! I honestly am a huge fan of strawberries but when it comes to this pudding I prefer chocolate. They are very affordable so you can picture a chubby kid using her lunch money for these instead of some real lunch! Haha :))

Another favorite snack, lamington and this time in strawberry! I rarely have these and when I do, I have them with hot coco or tea! I rarely have these because the only coffee shop I know that have them is the one at the airport so when I was younger I get really excited when we go to the airport! Haha! Well of course I'm also excited for our trips or when we fetch relatives and friends :) 

Enjoy the rest of the holidays!

Once again, Happy New Year everyone!

Patricia Erica .

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