Thursday, January 10, 2013

Occasionally .

Hi everyone! School just started and this is my last term of ass-kicking in De La Salle University. Here's a heads up but I promise that I'll try my best to not whine about school here. Currently taking our last set of modules of the accountancy program which is the review for the board exam, basically everything from day 1 in school. Time to dig in my brain for files and I pray that they're not deleted or corrupted by any kind of "vacation" virus. Haha!

Here's what I wore when I had a date with my some of my high school friends and my cousin.The top I'm wearing is my mum's because the tops I brought were for the Baguio weather. This is quite a delayed post, this was when my mum and I flew back to the Phils for my aunt's wedding and we decided to stay in La Union for a day. After a 2-hour plane ride and a 7-hour bus ride, I was seriously craving for some Pinoy street food! Specifically, ISAW! Since the first time I tried it back in high school, I loved it but my mum was mad when I tried it, as we all know it's dirty. So please do allow me to thank my friends for keeping this deeeep dark secret of mine. Haha! :)) I remember I wasn't also allowed to eat fish ball and the like! But my mum and I finally came to an agreement, occasionally is fine. For others occasionally is for alcohol :)) I find eating isaw like an adventure because it seemed exotic for me at first. Well if I were to compare it with Macao's street food, hell, I'll pick isaw!:)) Don't get me wrong though, it's just that I get a rush ( the matapang kind of rush) from eating exotic food. It sounds weird, I know.
You can read about Macao's street food here.

We went to Virgie's in Poro, La Union. They are quite known for their barbecues, from their laman loobs (internal organs) to their pork and chicken barbecues. It was my first time there and I loved the part where we can mix our own sauce. With two liters of soda, in our tummy goes our merienda (snack)! If you'll be passing by Poro, try their isaw! It tastes cleaner compared to the ones here in Manila. Haha!

Patricia Erica .

Shorts :  Giordano | Shoes : Solemate | Bag : Freakin' Fierce | Watch : Apple iPod Nano

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