Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Talk about comfort .

Here's a slight change during the winter. Instead of wearing my favorite pair of boots, I brought these out of the trunk. I've had these since I was a sophomore in college and it's my second time to wear them. I used to be the graphic tee-jeans-kicks kind of girl which would explain this pair of high cut. I always wanted kicks that were eye-catching, most of the time because of the color. Haha! My shoe rack back then had more rubber shoes than doll shoes but as time passed they switched and I decided to donate some of my kicks. So here's what I wore. :)

Say hello to my favorite sweater since the 6th grade! And yes, I think I didn't grow much since it still fits me or probably it really is a large sweater. Haha! We went shopping at the Venetian that day so I decided to wear the comfiest pair of shoes and clothes that are easy to wear when we try things on. We rode the gondola before heading on to the stores and at the end of day we went to one of the famous clubs, Cubic, but I'll talk about it and share pictures on a different post. :)

        Sweater : Roots | Skirt : Nava | Shoes : Lacoste

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