Sunday, January 6, 2013

I'm driving .

Hey everyone! I've decided for the past few days to bond with my family and friends instead of blog since I'll be returning to the Philippines soon and by soon, I mean tomorrow. I'm not sure how to feel, if only I could create a bridge between the two countries so that I could just take the bus. Wait, here's a better idea, if I get wings and that statement that people use to describe the impossible " when pigs can fly" will definitely stink because this piglet can. Haha! :)) So here's a super delayed outfit post, it's what I wore on the 31st of December for the countdown.

We just arrived from the Philippines and I had no sleep then. I actually planned to sleep on the plane but I was so hooked on this Filipino comic book I was reading, TRESE and Filipino Heroes League (FHL). I've been going crazy about it and still not able to discuss and go crazy over it with Pete because he hasn't read book 4&5 of TRESE. I think I'll be describing it in another post.

Here's what I wore to the countdown. The temperature was still a single digit, mum and dad decided to just have the countdown at the Hard Rock Cafe and we almost had our countdown on the road because of the traffic on the bridge! You can see from my eye luggage that I still had only a few hours of shut eye because I was also excited for the countdown. I wore these boots so that I wouldn't hurt myself when I jump, hoping to grow taller. Haha! Also, I left my other pairs in the Philippines and brought only these and a pair of flats, to make some space in my luggage. Haha!

Why hello there 2013. I'm here to live dangerously! Haha! I'm sort of bothered when people say, be good to me 2013. Hey, aren't you the one who's supposed to make things happen? Make it happen, don't hope for it, you drive your own car so that you can get to places where you wanna be. vroooom vrooooom Well that's just me, that's just my opinion. :) Gee, what a long post :))

Enjoy the rest of the holidays!

Patricia Erica.

Long sleeves : Giordano | Sweater : Uniqlo | Jeans : Local store | Scarf : Sun Star City | Boots : Mania

Photos by Edd Francis Sansano

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  1. great photos pat! :)
    how do I follow you? I'm new on blogspot eeh :P