Saturday, February 16, 2013

Studded and all-black .

Hello everyone! Here's what I wore to dinner with Pete last Saturday when we had an early date for Valentine's. Thursday morning was booked for 2 quizzes which meant an all-nighter the night before which would then lead us, or maybe just me, to catch up on sleep the whole afternoon and some parts of the evening. Haha! I shall stop boring you with my almost everyday routine, kidding! I chose an all-black outfit because it makes you look and somehow feel lighter thinner which was what I needed because we went to a sushi buffet! Another is you can never ever ever go wrong with black, it's perfect for impromptu dinner dates and if you only have 20 minutes to pick from your wardrobe. A peplum top to hide what needs to be hidden haha! 

Pete and I decided to have a small competition. The person who eats the most, wins. Wins nothing but probably have bragging rights if it is something to brag about :)) Final score, Pete 10 and Pat 7. Oh salmon salmon salmon.

Hope you enjoyed Valentine's and I know I'm a day late but Happy Valentine's!! :)

 Top : Style Avenue MNL | Jeggings : Fash MNL | Shoes : Nine West | Watch : Apple iPod Nano 

Photos by Pete Cepe.


  1. Beautiful and elegant outfit!
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  2. Hi girl! This blog is amazing! I felt in love with it! You' ve got such an amazing style and it inspires me so much! I was wondering if you would to follow each other..let me know <3


  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog sweety! (: Lovely post! Absolutely like it. Thumbs up for great looks! Stop by me soon again!xx

    Kisses ♥