Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A short trip .

Hi everyone! Allow me to stray away from the usual outfit post just for this one. I've been going through a sea of emotions and thoughts since college is finally over which made me begin to think about the real life out there. I know I still have the board exam this October but time flies so fast .

I have mentioned in one of the first few posts that I was born and raised in Macao,China. We're not actually a part of China, which would explain the part of me having accounts on other social networks. We're sort of a special region and now that Macao's being recognized as Asia'a Vegas, I don't really have to tell people that it's the small island beside Hong Kong. Haha! I would want you to take a short trip along memory lane with me, the usual route I used to walk from school to get home after badminton training or choir practice. Here are shots of the sights to see, forgive my nonexistent skill in photography. Let's begin with my school, Santa Rosa.

All I can say about this part of the underpass is to not forget to wear your Heelys! Haha! Races down here, be sure you have mastered balancing with your heelys or you'll end up rolling down instead of having the wheels on your heelys do the rolling part.

On days when I'm wearing our sports uniform, I would drop by this park and play for a while only because I always wanted to catch the cartoons on TV. Yes, up until now I still do watch cartoons which I can't explain so please don't ask me why. :))

I've been walking the very same route for 4 years I think and I decided to just walk down that road again to bring back memories. That kid in an all white uniform with a heavy school bag which I believe contributed to my "height". Haha! Just kidding. Thanks for walking with me! :)


  1. Great photos :)

    Marisa x

  2. Gosh those pictures really have something magical! On one hand the town looks like a ghost city and in the next like something from a fairytale!


  3. Will be eagerly waiting for more.

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    And will love to hear from you. I am a new follower of yours