Friday, May 3, 2013

Something borrowed .

Hi everyone! My blog's been on a hiatus for a few weeks due to finals and now I'm back! Summer officially started a week ago and so far it's been great! Just 2 days after the last day of our finals, my parents made me hop on a plane back home. The night before my flight, I was so exhausted because my batchmates and I had an outing during the weekend and as soon as I was back in the city I had to rush to the mall to buy stuff on my mum's list. I'm not complaining here, the exhaustion was totally worth it, it felt like an amazing race for a minute because the malls close at 9pm. Haha! After the errands, I took a nap and woke up two hours before check-in time. I went gaga packing! I knew by this month it would be spring moving on to summer season so I brought summer clothes. I was so wrong, the weather's so inconsistent! It gets colds, it rains and gets colder then the next day it'll be so hot! (Gee, it took me so long to build up) So here's an outfit I came up with, it was windy and it drizzled a little. I don't know where my sweaters are stored so I decided to go through my baby brother's clothes. TADA! He's taller than me so the top's quite long so I tucked it in on one side. Citrus-y colors? Sort of? I hope you like it! :)

Top : Cotton On | Shorts : Bayo | Shoes : Steve Madden | Bag : Polo Ralph Lauren

Photos by Manuel Jorge.


  1. Yay for being done exams! Really like this outfit- comfy and casual, but super cute. Love the mix of orange and yellow :)


  2. How wonderful that you have done the exams ... like you with the cute outfit really!

    xx from Bavaria, Rena

  3. You've got such a great Style! Love your Outfit!

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  4. You look so cool! Have a lovely day! <3<3

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