Monday, June 17, 2013


Allow me to bump this post up. How am I even gonna begin this post? Perhaps with something dramatic, a quote or a story? Maybe I should just go straight to the point because I still am having mixed emotions.
Yesterday was the day. wow. It was both an ending and a beginning. Yesterday, I officially graduated from college with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy. Please forgive me but my system hasn't totally processed it yet and the mixed emotions I'm experiencing isn't helping at all. Haha! I'm happy because it's another milestone, another story to tell. Come to think of it, scary and exciting describes the feeling just right. I'm scared because it's a different world outside De La Salle University, excited because I know that I am equipped to deal with whatever it is I am scared of. With that, I would like to thank the Accountancy department, my JPIA family, my friends, my very supportive parents, siblings, relatives and of course to the one up there, God. I wouldn't be where I am today if it weren't for all of them. Thank you so much! :) 

Squeezing in an ootd. Here's what I wore to my graduation. :)

Dress : Paul Herrera | Heels : Parisian


  1. Love this style, the dress is amazing and Congratulations!!

  2. Oh wow- huge congrats on graduating! Such a great accomplishment. And you looked so lovely- the dress is stunning and you look so happy :)


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  4. Congratulations:) Wishing you all the best from now on!x Love the dress you were wearing.x