Monday, July 29, 2013

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 Hi everyone! It's been a month since I last blogged ( I think ) We just had our first pre-board examination last weekend! I was seriously drained and after the sleepless nights, I think this is the right time for me to blog without feeling guilty. I think I deserve a "break" because I might go coo-coo! Just kidding! So here's another outfit post from a few months ago, during my summer vacation back home in Macao. It's only now, while I'm blogging, did I realize that somehow my legs look long in these pictures. Only in these pictures because I think I have mentioned before that I am what they call "petite". Haha! The illusion of having long legs, probably because of my high waist shorts? On the other hand, I know it doesn't look summery because of my top but it was quite windy that day. It felt like it was gonna rain? Good thing it didn't cause I had a date with my cousins! A really sweet one!
A customized bracelet : TUM <3 ( Tum-tum's my ninja name) Haha! If you've watched the movie Ninja Kids, you'll know ;)

( I also republished two posts because I forgot to rotate the pictures before. )

Top : Zara | Shorts : DIY | Flats : Steve Madden | Bag : Ralph Lauren | Bracelet : Customized


  1. Sounds like you were in total need of a break! Love your outfit here- perfect for those summery days when it's a bit cloudy. The stripes are great on you and those blue shoes are amazing! xo


  2. I super Loved all of your post and outfits :)
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    1. Thanks! :) followed you already! your turn <3