Saturday, August 10, 2013

The sweet life !

These shots were taken during my summer vacation. I decided to wear a piece that's light because the humid in Macao is crazy! There is one thing I love about summer, boutiques tend to sell clothes that are vibrant and colorful as compared to the ones sold during the winter. Colors have a way of changing our mood somehow, a particular color that never fails to get my attention is turquoise. Very pleasing to the eye and makes me calm if you ask me. Now back to what I wore, let me show you one of the perks of being petite. A long top can turn into a short dress. In these pictures, a really short one so I wore a pair of orange shorts which you'll see peeking in the second photo. Haha! Before I forget, the top I'm wearing belongs to my mum! She's the coolest ever! She loves color and prints as much as I do and luckily, we are of the same size (shoe size too). The sweet life! And yes, I got my petite structure from her. Guess it ain't that bad now.  Haha!

Top : Mango | Shorts : Bayo | Flats : Steve Madden | Bag : Polo Ralph Lauren


  1. What a lovely, summery outfit! Love the cheery colours and pretty prints. You look great :)


  2. where are the shorts?! =)) -gelo